Display at Model Boat weekend in Action Stations , Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 11th/12th July 2015


      This is now an annual event at Action Stations hosted by the Historic Dockyard and Area 4 of The SWA  and once again we put on a large display totalling some 33 models of warships from WW2 up to the present day which included British ,German, American and Japanese vessels.  We occupied our usual space on the first floor and we had many visitors over the two days .

      We were pleased to welcome the SWA Archivist Peter Beattie to join us with his models .

      The display comprised a large long display of the main models and two smaller round tables showing models of Minesweepers and Past Patrol Boats.

      Additional attractions  this year were the displays of The Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team and several traders. Also a new addition this year was that the PHT arranged for us to use the mast pond in front of Action Stations twice a day for “on the water” displays, the SWA in the mornings for an hour and the Portsmouth Display Team with their Atlantic Convoy Battle and Napoleonic Warship Battles in the afternoon.

      On the Saturday morning we put on  a display of Minesweepers , Fast Craft and a Tug , but  unfortunately due to rain and high winds we were unable to carry out our planned destroyer and large ship display on the Sunday morning .

On the Sunday afternoon the weather had improved and Dave Reith and Myself were invited to join the Convoy Battle with our E boats which was great fun but called for a lot of concentration and steering skill .

The Convoy Battle.

      The scenario is that the convoy was entering the Western approaches after a hard voyage , however unknown to them they were being shadowed by U boats and E boats .Just before dusk the  U boats attacked torpedoing and setting on fire one of the escorts and tanker , in the resulting chaos the E boats  pressed home their attack at high speed from the port side of the convoy , torpedoing a large ammunition ship in the centre of the convoy which exploded and broke in half , sinking almost immediately , the E boats had a slight brush with one of the escorts but returned to base unharmed .Meanwhile the escorts had located a U boat on their sonar and carried out a series of depth charge attacks , repulsing the attack with out further loss .    The convoy continued to its destination .  The display contained many large bangs and explosions which was enjoyed by the large crowd on both days . Photos of the display can be seen by logging on to :-



      We had lots of impressive comments from the visitors some of whom came back on day two , and we all enjoyed the improved format and hope that we can expand it again next year .

      SWA Members taking part were John Hawley, Dave and Andrea Reith, Ken Winter and Jamie, Geoff Young, Joe Jackson, Peter Beattie, Alan Gamblin ,John Edwards and myself David McNair-Taylor .



David McNair-Taylor