London Model Engineer Exhibition

Alexandra Palace January 18th - 20th January 2019

      Once again we were invited to exhibit at this exhibition. We had seventeen models on display but we were a few models short as John Coster had to withdraw at the last minute due to family problems. Despite this we had a good show with Friday and Saturday being very busy and Sunday, surprisingly, being a bit quieter. Maybe the cold weather had something to do with it.

      On Saturday we were visited by an ex Royal Navy veteran who lost his site in the Falklands War. The friends accompanying him asked if he could touch the models (there are signs saying Do Not Touch) as he was blind and I readily agreed. Watching this man was a real education as using a very light touch he went over Gordon Tiley’s HMS Hood from stem to stern obviously drawing a picture of the model in his mind. He spent the best part of an hour chatting to us about the models, and his past RN service, as he still does some modelling with assistance.

      Gordon Tiley brought along a tinplate toy model named ML177. According to Google there was an ML177 which was a Fairmile B built by Wallasea Island Yacht Haven in Essex in 1940 and this toy could be loosely based on it. There is nothing inside it but I guess it could have been clockwork driven. Can anyone shed any light on it ??  If you do know anything Gordon would love to hear from you.

Peter Revill