Report of the S.W.A. at the L.M.E.E. 16.

      The Association was well presented at this year’s Exhibition in the splendid Alexandra Palace with a tremendous variety of engineering stands for boats, aircraft and railway models. We had a fine variety of models from World War 2 up to the 1980’s and with scales from 1/8 to 1/200. Pete Stern showed his 20mm Oerlikon Gun in 1/8 and Peter Beattie’s KM Bismarck was the 1/200 scale and originally from the Hachette ‘part per week’ kit which just shows that some people persevered to complete the model. Alongside was HMS Rodney from Gordon Tiley in 1/96 which allowed very interesting comparison of the best battleship design for each of the British and German navies and they were linked as the Rodney never left the gun line in the sinking of her adversary.
      Pete Revill showed his HMS Envoy tug in 1/48 up on a plinth and his same scale HMCS Agassiz in build beside her as a Canadian Flower Class corvette which also linked to Monty Chappell’s 1/72 HMS Bluebell and Peter Beattie’s 1/96 HMS Bluebell from the Dean’s kit. The latter was the ship on which his uncle was lost and beside it was the Algerine Class minesweeper HMS Mystic, his father’s ship with a moving display of pictures of the two men, their medals and charts of their voyages. The largest scale model boats were Hilary Breeze’s pair of Seaplane Tender ST 360 (on S.O.E. duties ferrying agents into Brittany) at 1/16 scale and Fairmile D  MTB 777 which was his father’s craft at 1/24 scale. The Fairmile has now shown its speed with more powerful brushless motors and has led to Phillip Bellamy requesting the same upgrade for his Fairmile D. Sometime this year we hope to see these two and Roy Skeates’s Fairmile D giving us an impression of a flotilla of ‘Dogs’ on the hunt for enemy craft; that should clear the pond of targets. Hilary showed his two scratch built 1/48 models of Steam GB 4 and MGB 317 and Peter Beattie his Italeri Vosper MTB both finished to a very high standard.
      Pete Revill had his HMS Zulu  as an example of a more modern warship with John Coster’s HMS Brave Borderer in 1/32 doing the same. Pete Stern showed his excellent lathe work on three other large scale model weapons being the 2 pdr 40mm Rolls-Royce Gun, the Holman Projector Mk.2A and the 6 pdr. Hotchkiss all to the same scale of 1/12. Finally the tin plate model of HMS Janus to 1/55 is being finished by John Coster and was acquired from a retired RN sailor from an advert in the QDR for his suggested donation of £50 to his nominated seaman’s home.
      We also had Phillip Bellamy over from Switzerland and Gordon and Monty up from Bristol with James Reynolds, Rose Coster (age 13)  and Leo Reynolds (age 7) all being on the stand as stewards. All members are very welcome to exhibit models at any of the shows that we attend or to be there as stewards with free entry and we hope to see you at future exhibitions around the country.

                                                                                            John Coster, Area 3 Rep.