SWA Report of LMEE18 at Alexandra Palace 19th-21st January 2018.


     The Association was well represented at the Exhibition by seven stewards being Philip Bellamy, Peter Revill, Hilary Breeze, Pete Stern, Monty Chappell, Gordon Tiley and John Coster.

      The stand had the SWA sailflags and tablecloths with sixteen models on show from  World War 2 up to modern time. Hilary had more on show that anyone else with SGB 4, HMS Grey Goose (1/48), MGB 317(1/48) , ST 360(1/16), MTB 75(1/40), PT 666(1/48) and MGB 777 Fairmile D(1/24), while John had the singleton example of HMS Brave Borderer(1/32).  Peter Revill had a substantial showing with HMS Envoy(1/48), HMCS Agassiz(1/48), HMS Spey(1/48) and HMS Warspite(1/128). Pete Stern showed his very impressive building skills with his 1/9th scale Twin 0.5” Vickers machine gun on Mk IV manual mounting which has taken two years to build and regrettably to rebuild after it was dropped while in someone else’s keeping. The notices on the stand that ask the public to ‘Not Touch’ are there for a reason as our hard work is easily ruined by a careless hand or shoulder bag. Gordon Tiley had travelled from Penzance via Bristol to collect Monty Chappell and they get the award for greatest distance travelled with models of HMS Rodney (1/128), Japanese Heavy Cruiser (1/128), HMS Hood (1/128) and from Monty HMS Bluebell (1/72). Philip Bellamy came from Switzerland (so gets the furthest distance travelled award) to help at the show and was an expert on hand to answer all technical questions and in particular to show two of our re-engineered RNLI Lifeboats which are available for the public to sail at suitable venues for a small donation to the RNLI whose collecting box was adjacent to the models.The collection of £22 was sent to RNLI headquarters. Philip did all the clever engineering to get twin shafts and motors in bearings and with independent motor control and Prop shop propellers, as well as twin rudders and linkages and all necessary internal supports for the twelve models and he financially supported the project as well. Unfortunately a clumsy visitor knocked one of the lifeboats onto the floor and the rudder shafts will need to be straightened or replaced.

      The public were often crowded around the stand and the stewards were always ready to answer questions and suggest visiting the SWA website and archive to see if we have the answer. The exhibition was well supported by the public with Meridienne saying that it was a tremendous success and they have sent us a cheque for £65. All members are invited  to attend and to get in free as a steward and to show their models if they wish.


 John Coster.