Beale Park – 5th / 6th May


        A low key meeting these days but a very pleasant one – around 10 – 12 clubs attending (a no-show from Portsmouth Display Team kept things quiet) put on a varied display and kept boats on the water to a loose schedule for nearly all the available time.

        Even with the glorious weather on both days, the event didn’t seem to attract large numbers of visitors (I’m not sure how much, if any, pre-event publicity there was outside Model Boats magazine) so weren’t bombarded with the usual fatuous questions but rather found time to chat to other ‘exhibitors’ who like us were not tied to their own areas.

        We showed around a dozen assorted models (including 2 works in progress at very different stages which generated a few discussions) and, as usual, received compliments about their quality and the ‘professionalism of the set-up as enhanced by the latest tablecloths.

        Old friends showed up including Jack Sharp (membership number SWA13 but rather frail now), Tony Roberts and possibly others I missed as well as several interesting / possibly interested (forms handed out) types with a range of specialisms to enliven conversations.

        Thanks to Mid Thames Model Boat Club for hosting and Kent Model Boat Display Team for organising and to Jeff Carter (when not on Black Park club duty), John Coster, Alan Hall and Peter Revill for their help and support.


Hilary Breeze