World War Two Day at Burseldon Brickworks. 9th August 2015.


      Members of Area 4 were invited to exhibit WW2 period models at the Burseldon Brickworks Museum WW2 Event on Saturday 9th August 2015 ,( the Industrial Museum is located just outside Southampton ).

 We were allocated display space in the upstairs event area adjacent to a model military vehicle display, craft stalls and the Concert Area . Our display consisted of a selection of 16 British, American and German Warships of the WW2 era which included Battleships, aircraft carrier , cruiser , destroyers ,escorts, rescue tug and fast launches .in addition Two models were shown under construction and we also had two Tiger tanks on display. The event was reasonably well attended and there were many attendees in a large variety of civilian and military costumes of the time, which gave an authentic feel to the day.

      SWA Members attending were John Hawley, Dave and Andrea Reith, Joe Jackson , Geoff Young, Alan Hall , Ken Winter , Jamie and myself David McNair-Taylor.


David McNair-Taylor