Chartwell 20th-21st June 2015-07-13


      The S.W.A.  were at Chartwell for the weekend with some magnificent models on the lake and on display. The visiting public came to admire and to discuss the warships and were pleased with the efforts made by our members who had travelled from Switzerland,  Devon and the nearer counties. The gold medal winning HMS Barrosa by Alex McFadyen was there and the two Fairmile D's in 1/24 scale were racing acros the water with (finally) a really big stretch of water to gambol upon and Roy Skeates's sounds and movements captivated many watchers, young and old. Hilary's recent uprating to four brushless (also breathless!) gave him the speed record with Fairmile 777 and his air-cooled Asdic was shown. 

       A splendid naval force in 1/96 was deployed with John Edwards' HMS Argonaut accompanied by Rob and Heather Lee's HMS Kelly, Alex's HMS Barrosa, HMS Falmouth  by Alan Hall, Colin Watson's HMS Scorpion and Jeremy Foreman's HMS Ursa which gave the fleet some practice at close escort. This is the best occasion to sail together with the full extent of the lake to enjoy. 

       Philip Bellamy sailed his Fairmile D and Martin Goddard his HMS Bronington with Heather Lee piloting her German Z38 and Pete Revill his armed tug HMS Envoy in 1/48 scale. John Coster sailed his scratchbuilt HMS Brave Borderer. Also on the large gazebo and its twenty tables were Pete Revill's HMS Spey (once Jack Connolly's ), Hilary's multitude of smaller Coastal Forces craft including MTB and MGB in 1/72nd scale and the scratchbuilt Denny Steam Gunboat in 1/48 and Jeremy's HMS Urchin, HMS Appleton and HMS Guernsey, all in 1/96. Barrie Griffin paraded his brand new RAF Rescue Launch 2579 which features on the front cover and with a build article in the current Marine Modelling International. 

       This weekend coincided with Father's day so more visitors were willing to walk down to see the display and to talk about the models and in several conversations to talk about their service in the Royal Navy. We have still to match up old shipmates but it will happen one day. The members shared a meal in a local carvery on Saturday evening and all are keen to attend next year and as this event is open to all members  I hope to see you there next year. Churchill's home is an excellent historic house and gardens and free tours of the house can be arranged for members.


John Coster


                    Great excitement was generated on the lake by the two heavy weights namely Roy Skeates and Hillary Breeze with their large ,powerful M T B 's racing around the lake at speed.The crowd were overawed at the spectacle of Roy weaving an erratic course and Hillary with great skill crossing his wake at great speed. It was a real pleasure to see the two models do what they were built to do. The crowd loved it.


Colin Watson