Fathers Day Modelling at The D Day Story Museum 17th June 2018 .


        After its long closure for a major refurbishment funded by the Lottery Fund the D Day Museum located on the seafront in Southsea recently reopened and has been renamed “The D Day Story “. As the name suggests the museum tells the story of the preparations and actions of 6th June 1944 with many exhibits, personal artefacts and the D Day tapestry and is well worth a visit.

       Part of the refit involved the provision of a large dedicated meeting/exhibition room located where the original cafe area used to be.

        For Fathers Day Area 4 was invited to use the room to put on a demonstration of practical model building together with some completed models, the idea being that Airfix would also be attending to provide a model building participation for visitors, unfortunately they were unable to attend and so the museum put on a smaller “hands on” section of their own .

       We provided practical demonstrations of Kit, Semi Kit and Scratch Building techniques supported with a display of completed models of the different types and a RTR model as well.

       This was our first show of this format, which went down well with the visitors although there were a few lessons to be learnt by both the museum and ourselves for next time. Overall the event was a great success .

       Members taking part were John Hawley, Dave Reith, Geoff Young, Ken Winter and Myself.


David McNair-Taylor