1.1   The Association shall be known as The Surface  Warship Association.




2.1   To promote the hobby of warship and naval auxiliary vessel modelling, whether radio controlled or static.

2.2   To assist in research, share information and assist Members




      3.1   Membership shall be by application form available via the Web Site or from the Membership Secretary or any officer or Committee member. Family membership is available – children under 16 years old attending any event  must be accompanied at all times by a parent / guardian who will be solely responsible for the child or children.

3.2   Each new member will receive a membership card, a copy of the constitution and such other notices and information that the Committee deem appropriate.

3.3   The Association reserves the right to reject applications for new membership without giving reasons. Existing Members can have their membership withdrawn or not renewed if they fail to observe the Constitution or, by their actions bring the Association into disrepute. Any existing Member so disciplined has the right of appeal to the Committee.

3.4   Membership of the Association will automatically lapse after the 31st Jan if the annual subscription for the current year has not been paid.

3.5   It is a requirement of membership that each member must provide a valid address and telephone number or an E-Mail address if available.




4.1   The Association will be governed by a Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting  (A.G.M.)

4.2   The Committee shall consist of the following officers and members - Chairman, General  Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Webmaster, QDR Editor and Archivist. In addition all Area Representatives shall be ex-officio members of the Committee.

4.3   The Committee may co-opt additional members for the purpose of special tasks or for specialist knowledge.

4.4   The Committee may appoint sub-committees at its discretion.

4.5   In the event that the Chairman is unable to be present at a Committee meeting the President will take the chair if present, otherwise members present are to confer and appoint an acting Chairman to  conduct business

4.6   A quorum shall consist of three Committee members.

4.7   It is a legal requirement that all accounts and other pertinent documentation must be kept for a minimum of 7 years.



5.1   The financial year shall run from 1st November until 31st  October the following year.

5.2   Bank accounts shall be in the name of the Surface Warship Association into which all monies received must be paid.

5.3   Cheques drawn shall be signed by the Treasurer alone but in his absence by another authorized signatory which should be the Secretary or Chairman.

5.4   Payments will be made  in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Treasurer and approved by the Committee but the Treasurer must always be one of the signatories.  

5.5   All financial matters to be discussed and approved by the Committee.

5.6   The accounts must be audited at the end of each Financial Year by at least one member of the Association and a signed auditor’s report attached. Should the auditor find any untoward activity in the accounts then he should seek appropriate professional advice for which the Association will be liable for any costs involved.

5.7   All accounts must contain a Financial Summary, itemised Income and Expenditure Reports summarised monthly and accompanied by all invoices, receipts and back up documentation

5.8   The full audited accounts of the Association will be submitted to the Committee members at the last

        committee meeting prior to the AGM for approval.  These Accounts shall be circulated to the

        Membership with the notice calling the A.G.M.

5.9    All property of the Association, with value in excess of £50, shall be recorded by the Treasurer as to the  

        name of the holder.

5.10  The Surface Warship Association will hold Civil Liability Insurance.

         NB. Overseas members are not covered by this insurance, even when visiting the UK, and should make

         their own arrangements.

5.11. The finances/accounts of the Association should be such that a minimum of two years expenditure is

          held in reserve.






6.1   The annual membership subscription for the Association will be such sum as agreed at the A.G.M.

6.2   Subscriptions will be due for payment at the commencement of the membership year which will be from the 1st of January.

6.3   Any new member joining  from 1st October and paying a full subscription will be deemed to have paid for

the following calendar year.



7.1  The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting on a suitably convenient date between Mid January and Mid February. Members to receive a minimum of three weeks notice including the Agenda for the Meeting. The business for the A.G.M. shall include:-   

A)   Reports on activities for the past year.

B)   Treasurers report and vote thereon including recommendation for subscription charges for the coming year.

C)   Consideration of, and voting on, any proposals (Motions) raised by the Committee or members.

D)   Election of Officers for the coming year. This to be conducted by the president or Vice-President with respect to the election of Chairman.

7.2   Voting at the A.G.M. is restricted to paid up Members, proxy votes are only available to those overseas.

7.3   Motions, by Members, for discussion and approval at the A.G.M. must be received, in writing, by the

        General Secretary prior to 1st Jan preceding the A.G.M.  Only Amendments to existing Motions will be

        accepted at the A.G.M,  not new Motions.

7.4   An Extraordinary Meeting of the Association may be called, in writing, by any 25 Members of the

        Association or by the Committee. The reason for calling the E.G.M. shall be notified to all Members 21

        days prior to the E.G.M.. No matters other than those so notified shall be discussed at such E.G.M.




8.1   All Members of the Association should be aware of and abide by the SWA Health and Safety published and circulated to all members.




9.1  The Association may appoint a person who, in the opinion of the Committee, would best represent  the Association as a figurehead.   The President will have no executive powers in the running of  the Association with the exception of the election of Chairman at   the A.G.M. but will have a vote at meetings.




10.1  The Association can appoint a Vice President from the Association membership. The Vice President may be given specific tasks by the Committee to investigate and report on    matters affecting the objects of the Association. The Vice President can attend committee meetings and will have vote  but has no voting rights at that meeting.




11.1       If, in the opinion of the Committee a member has served the Association with distinction they can be offered Honorary Life Membership.  Honorary Life Membership carries no executive powers but all annual membership fees are waived.



12.1       If a resolution signifying the desire of the members to dissolve the Association is proposed, then the following  procedure must be observed.  Such resolution shall be passed by a majority of not less than three-quarters of votes cast at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting duly convened, of which notice specifying the intention of Dissolution has been duly given.

12.2           Such identical resolution shall be confirmed by a simple majority of the members who shall be present at a subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting duly convened and of which notice has been given.  The date of such meeting shall not be less than three (3) days or more than one (1) calendar month from the first meeting.  Upon such dissolution, the net assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be given to a charitable institution supporting the welfare and needs of a Maritime fraternity.




13.1       This constitution  may be altered or amended as needs of the Association require.  Any  alteration or amendment must be duly notified to all paid up members and approved at a General Meeting before taking effect. Any financial changes must be incorporated into the Constitution.