Northern Model Boat Show

Held at the Deaf Trust, Doncaster 6th & 7th June 2015


            Once again the Conisborough & District MBC put on an excellent show with a good attendance by traders.

            The SWA were well represented by Tom Butler and  myself ably organised by Patrick Moriarty accompanied by his wife Jane with a total of ten models between us.

            Tom exhibited a German Flower Class Hallebarde along with a Patrol A/S Sloop HMS P24 and a Steam Picket Boat (from the Chyldes Hall Model Shipyard all at 1 :48 scale. He also had on display his HMS

            Illustrious at 1:96 scale.

            Patrick had several models on show. HMTBD Virago a Torpedo Boat Destroyer from the World War I era at 1:48 scale, USS John D Ford a Clemson Class Destroyer from WWII at 1:72 scale, HMS Maxton a  Ton

            Class Minesweeper at 1:48 scale, a Flower Class Corvette HMS Jasmine and a Clyde Puffer Anzac both at 1:72 scale. The Puffer was originally built by the late George Peat BEM.

            Jane had the FNFL Aconit, a Flower Class Corvette loaned to the French, on display.

            I had two models on display namely HMS Envoy, an Armed Salvage Tug from WWII at 1:48 scale and HMS Spey a River class Minesweeper at 1:48 scale.

           The show was well attended on Saturday with quite a bit of interest in our stand but was a little quieter on the Sunday which surprised us a little. However it was a beautiful day outside so I suspect people found

            much better places to go.


            Peter Revill