FAA Museum Saturday 21St February 2015 


      Once again we were displaying in the Swordfish Centre with Two tables provided by the museum and six extra hired from them. We had over Thirty models to display so we also made use of another six tables provided by Charles Davis . These were ideal as they could be made approx. one foot higher on telescopic legs so we were able to display the models at the rear of the display to better effect. We were still struggling for space so we were able to use an un-used counter/bar area to the side of our main display. After it was all set up I must say it looked very impressive and it was a little disappointing that we didn't get more visitors because of poor signage by the museum which we will try to sort out for next year.

      I would like to thank Dave & Andrea Reith, Roy Skeates, Colin Watson, Chris Hooper, Dave & Ann Garnet, Ken Winter, Charles Davis and David McNair Taylor for all their help in manning the stand and taking the time to bring along and display their models.


Steve Bullock