SWA at Poole Vikings April 14th 2018

I have lost count of the number of years we have displayed at this event and am shocked to find the years have sailed by at such a pace, but as in previous years it was a very busy day with many traders present, but fewer selling materials and tools, but about the usual number selling all manner of plastic kits. There were also a wide variety of beautifully finished models and some impressive dioramas, the gentleman next to us displayed a new one of an American Civil War battlefield (I was full of admiration for the one I had seen a couple of years ago) and this one was very impressive with literally hundreds of soldiers on the field—almost hypnotic!

Our SWA display consisted of seven warships David McNair-Taylor with Curacao, Agincourt, Arizona and Bismarck, and myself with Consort, Amethyst and Argonaut (with newly rotating turrets in demo mode) I was afraid we would be very limited for space with only three tables on offer, but in the event we had sufficient space to not only avoid too much overlapping of models, but space for everything else needed to give the public some historical background on what they were seeing.

The day passed all too quickly and we had some very interesting visitors to the stand, with at least two as potential SWA members, and as a bonus, David took gold for his excellent model of the ill-fated HMS Curacao. 

Already looking forward to next years event.

John Edwards