SWA at Poole Vikings model show April 18th 2015

††††† I have lost count of the exact number of years we have been represented at this show, but it must be getting on towards ten, and the show itself has been in existence for about twenty six years. The organisers are always very complimentary about our efforts and this year David McNair-Taylor and myself were joined by Dave Reith, with a total of nine warship models covering a long period in naval history from the nineteen thirties to present day. The public were most complementary in their comments and I am still surprised that so many people seem surprised that all are working, water-born models.
††††† As in previous years it was a busy day, with many traders selling books, tools, accessories and a huge range of plastic kits-- many at discounted prices. I was very interested to hear of a firmóChinese I thinkócalled Flyhawk that I had not come across before, that produces a very wide range of miniature warship kits of exquisite detail, and reasonably priced. I was particularly interested in the Dido class cruiser HMS Naiad which is, apparently, a new addition to the range.

 John Edwards