International Model Boat Show Warwick 9th 11th November 2018


Once again we were invited to put on a display at this popular show and we had 22 models on display. The stand was decorated with 100 poppies representing the 100 years since the end of the First World War. We had a reasonable cross section of models on display with a selection of Coastal Forces craft, a Minesweeper, a Frigate and two Helicopter Carriers.
On Sunday we put on the usual Remembrance display with seven warships on the water which came to a standstill at 1100 for the two minutes silence. This year we had a request from a member of the Daventry MBC to put a tug on the water to represent the Tugs lost at Dunkerque and we happily agreed.
It was quite noticeable this year that a number of traders were missing and this probably accounts for the fact that next year will only be a two day show.
The childrens lifeboats on the Saturday and Sunday were a great success as usual and we managed to collect 28.00 in donations for the RNLI
Attendees apart from myself were Robin and Heather Lee, Steve Bullock, Mick Astle, Philip Bellamy and Martin Goddard.

Peter Revill