International Model Boat Show – Warwick 2015

      Once again we were invited to attend this show held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in Leamington Spa from Friday 6th November to Sunday 8th November.
      Nine members attended with a total of twenty one models which made up an interesting display. Unfortunately due to a mix up Gordon Tiley was unable to attend with his HMS Rodney and he and the model were sorely missed.
      Our regular stalwart Roy Skeates attended with his superb Fairmile MTB. However he was unable to go on the water as he forgot to bring his Transmitter with him !!!  It was also nice to welcome a new face, Barry Nickisson, who brought along HMS Javelin, a J Class Destroyer from the late 1930’s, and HMS Charlock, A Flower Class Corvette from the WWII era.
      On the Sunday we did our usual on the water parade for the Remembrance Ceremony for which we had a total of nine boats on the water.
      On Saturday and Sunday lunchtime we put on the Children’s Hour where any children could come along and run a boat on the water. This was made possible by the Eastleigh Model Boat Club who loaned us their boats specially adapted for this purpose and for this we send our grateful thanks. Our sincere thanks also go to the Manx Model Boat Club from the Isle Of Man who also brought along their boats set up for children’s use and helped with the proceedings.
      Members attending were Mick Astle, Roy Skeates, Colin Watson, Hilary Breeze, Philip Bellamy, Martin Goddard, Barry Nickisson, John Coster and myself.

Peter Revill